No matter how hard you try, you can’t wear a million hats in your marketing role. That’s where creative content marketing agencies like YRK Creative come in: They provide an extension to your team. But what’s a creative content marketing agency do anyway?

YRK Creative does a lot to help brands and individuals expand their content marketing horizons. Below we explain some of what we do best and how we help marketing pros like you lessen the number of hats you need to wear.

Someone Has to Focus On Content Creation

As the marketing coordinator at your company, you’re inevitably playing the role of content creator. After all, someone has to post the company news to social media, manage press release distribution, organize material for the newsletter, make website updates, design ads, and, well, the list of responsibilities goes on and on.

YRK Creative knows content. We create it, streamline it, and scale it. No matter how small or large your content creation responsibilities may be, we’ve got the flexibility to handle your content creation needs.

You Have to Have Content Creators

Back to those content creation roles we mentioned in the last section. You may not have the luxury of a team of staff to help you handle these responsibilities. Small businesses and solopreneurs often find themselves facing the challenge of trying to do it all with all of it falling on one person’s shoulders.

That’s where creative agencies like YRK Creative come in. Our creatives specialize in the types of areas you need to work within to create great content: design, photography, videography, and writing.

Going even further, our creatives have the experience of working in different verticals in their careers, which allows us to think strategically when we work with music industry professionals like Central City Orchestra or governmental agencies like the City of York, Pennsylvania.

Get Your Processes in Place

What does your content creation process look like? If you can point to the half-dozen or so ideas you’ve jotted down on a piece of paper taped to your monitor, the half-written blog drafts that are occupying your desktop, and the photos you took on your phone that you haven’t even begun to think about, you might be tempted to answer our question with “What process?”

Creative content marketing agencies like YRK Creative generally have many layers strategically placed to make sure you get what you need when you need it. Before any work gets started, we get the information from you so that we can either update or create a comprehensive style guide so that we don’t miss anything along the way.

We’ll touch on the topic of style guides in a future post, but for now, let’s just say we work to understand the type of content you like, the type of content you want to stay away from, and what you absolutely want to include.

Ideation: what’s that about anyway? Essentially, it means coming up with ideas, something all creative content marketing agencies do. We ideate until we nail the approach you’re looking for. We may also do some test pieces of logo designs or blog samples before we launch into full-scale production.

Busy marketing professionals understand the challenge of continually coming up with ideas in order to keep the companies they represent top of mind among their audiences and within their niches. Having a creative marketing partner working with you relieves that burden of facing the ideation process again and again on your own.

Workflow is another important point that no discussion about content creation should ignore. Getting something from idea to final deliverable takes time and resources, two items marketing professionals may struggle with in varying degrees. Each workflow for each type of content type is going to be different. Managing the design of a website while you’re simultaneously trying to produce a product explainer video may seem like a lot to manage, which is why creative content marketing agencies like ours manage all the moving parts for you.

Promote Your Content

Great content doesn’t live inside a vacuum. Naturally, you want to share the good work you create. We understand that.

One of the roles creative content marketing agencies like YRK Creative fulfills is finding avenues to promote that content. Whether you’re looking at billboards or print magazine advertisements, or photos or videos for social sharing, we approach content from a multichannel perspective, identifying the avenues and opportunities so that you can leverage the distribution and reach of your messaging.

Gather a Support Team

Earlier, we said how marketing professionals perform many roles for their organizations (think about all the job responsibilities you handle in a day). Creative content marketing agencies are the backbone of support any marketing professional shouldn’t be without. YRK Creative has that team dedicated to your needs.

Dedicated Client Relations Manager

A good client relations manager (you may also hear the term client strategist used as well) will become a part of your team. This individual will be your advocate, someone with you every step of the way to figure out how to allocate resources within your marketing budget.

We consider our team to be an extension of your internal team, and our client relations manager is the liaison between us.

Project Manager

Our project manager oversees the scheduling of every project our creative team handles. We take the work of managing multiple projects and multiple deadlines off your desk so that you have the time to focus on the development of your marketing strategy. We provide the single point of contact to make communication more effective and more efficient—and who doesn’t want to work more efficiently?

Still Not Convinced You Need a Creative Content Marketing Agency?

Worried that a creative content marketing agency can’t scale to the heights you need while keeping quality consistently high?

When evaluating your creative content partner, think carefully about how that agency handles customer service and quality. Consider how your creative content partner can scale services to your needs while keeping the quality consistently high.

Our attention to customer service and dedication to consistency and quality is what makes YRK Creative different. We’ve designed our services and strategies to help brands reach their potential in content marketing.

Still not convinced you need a creative content marketing agency? Take the time to find out what you could be doing with YRK Creative.

Special thanks to our summer design intern, Maura Geiselman, for her work on the header graphic accompanying this blog post.