Zōe LaBelle

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Sensual and serious, amorous yet authentic…she’s got a way to grab at your heart with a persistence that begs you to indulge your mind and soul in her lyrical mysticism. Discovered and signed by producer Chad Taylor of the multiplatinum alternative rock band LIVE, Zōe LaBelle is a contemporary artist with a genre all to her own. With a style that lies somewhere between Adele, Norah Jones, or Lana Del Rey, she delivers passionate ready-made hooks that cut through the pop fodder of today’s radio playlists.

Our Work with Zōe LaBelle

We conjured up some creative inspiration to help Zōe LaBelle promote her debut 2017 performances. To do that, we turned to our in-house illustration wizard for original artwork that we applied to billboards and posters. Along with some accompanying PR efforts, we capped off our promotional work with the production of a sizzle reel showcasing Zōe’s unforgettable personality and style.

Billboard Design
Magazine Spread Design
Poster Design