HOLLA Spirits

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Your vodka is boring. HOLLA Spirits wants you to know that you don’t have to buy into the overpriced hype to have a good time. HOLLA Vodka is fresh, not fancy; fun, not fake. Their brand is all about building inclusive social experiences, not the stuffy kind you get from…well, we won’t mention any names. HOLLA is just here to have fun.

Our Work with HOLLA Spirits

We aspire for HOLLA to become a household name in the spirits world. o Since collaborating with HOLLA Spirits over bold ideas—and a few shots—we’ve put a voice to their millennial-targeted vodka brand through social media campaigns, photography, and videography. HOLLA Vodka celebrates the American-made spirit with its spirits—so go ahead and give them a shot. You know you want to!

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