Creativity Unleashed

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Creativity Unleashed encourages and invites innovative professionals to make York, Pennsylvania, their place to live and work. As a workforce development and talent recruitment initiative of the York County Economic Alliance, Creativity Unleashed fosters an engaged community where people in all careers find inspiration and people ready to unleash bold ideas to better the quality of life in York County.

Our Work with Creativity Unleashed

The York County Economic Alliance used our publication YRK Magazine to profile the stories of professionals who chose York County to call their home and place to work. Building on these stories developed for YRK, we also helped the YCEA redesign the Creativity Unleashed website for maximum visual impact using photos from our YRK Creative image library. To help audiences connect with the brand in a fun, engaging way, we developed a custom-created “What’s Your York” quiz to get prospects acquainted with their York and put some love into developing the Creativity Unleashed logo itself—an easily identifiable brand mark reflecting the values of innovation, creativity, and community.

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