Women Who Design the World

Initially, when I sat down to write this blog, I thought I would write about my favorite female creatives and why. Then I realized something tragic — I don’t have a favorite female creative person.

So, like any millennial, I took to the internet and started doing some research.

Now, not that I am surprised, but there are many great ladies in the creative world, and today I’m highlighting two fascinating ladies in the industry.

Alex Proba

Alex Proba was the design director at Mother New York. She has worked with many amazing brands such as Target, Google, and Kickstarter (to name a few!).

Her love for the creative field was born when she came to the states at 16 years old as an exchange student from Germany.

After high school, she went to college to follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a doctor, but her passion for design was too great. To her, creating things is like a special kind of magic. She has said, “I felt something special when creating.”

Designing and creating doesn’t stop when Proba leaves the office either.

In the evenings, in between brushing her teeth and falling asleep, she sits down for 30 minutes and designs a poster. It’s a project she calls “A Poster a Day.” To date, Proba has created hundreds of posters, and she views them as her own visual diary.

To learn more about the lovely Alex Proba, please visit her website.

Candy Chang

Candy Chang is an artist, urban planner, and a creative professional. She has a master’s degree in urban planning and a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design. With these two degrees and her passion for understanding communities, she has created something very special.

Chang is currently living in New Orleans. When she speaks of her city, you can tell how much she cares for and loves it.

In 2009, Chang experienced a great loss in her life — but through her sadness and love for her neighborhood, an idea became a reality.

In Chang’s sadness over the loss of a loved one, she began to wonder about death and the life she had lived so far. Her neighborhood had an abandoned house, and she took these thoughts about how finite life is and brought life back to this abandoned house by creating a social experiment about death.

Chang painted a side of the house with chalkboard paint and stenciled the words “Before I Die _______________” in rows across the wall, left some chalk, and left the rest to fate.

When she visited the wall the next day, the wall was filled with peoples’ dreams, goals, and hopes.










Soon word about Chang’s wall got out and now “Before I Die _______________” has become a project that is in 2,000 different cities and more than 70 different countries.

Chang took her love for public spaces, thoughts on death and brought people together. To see more about the “Before I Die ____________” project, check out Chang’s TedTalk. And if you’re interested in bringing the “Before I Die _______________” project to your city, please visit beforeidie.city.

I hope these brief introductions on these two amazing women will encourage you to dig deeper and learn about some great women who are designing the world around us. To discover more intriguing gals, explore the links below.



  • Image opener ” Gates at the metro-station Bullewijk, subway of Amsterdam city – a unique monotype print, 2012 – graphic collage art” by Hilly van Eerten (Image via Flickr)
  • Screenshot from studioproba.com
  • “Before I Die” wall – Image via Flickr by Fuzzy Gerdes

Post written by Becky Tibbits